About Us

About Us

iBriteStore.com is brought to you straight from the Dreams of our founders. It goes like this: We all like great stuff; bright, shiny things have attracted us from birth. And we searched brick and mortar stores and the internet. We found lots of great stuff to buy. And, we bought them. But, we were sorely disappointed. Cheap, poor quality stuff bought with little thought to the end user other than how much money they could make. When we called to complain: No one answered – no live people on the other end of the line at all. Low quality merchandise. Extra shipping charges. No return policy. No warranty policy. Never the best price, ever… We wanted to end all of that with iBriteStore.com!


Our Store

Here’s the deal: We are the cheapest. Check out Our Price Policy and Our Return Policy. If you find a better advertised price, let us know and you will be the winner. Buy from us, and if you do not like what you bought return it to us within 30 days for a full refund. Buy from us, and if your purchase breaks down within 2-years, Contact Us and we will resolve the problem. Check out Our Shipping Policy: FREE SHIPPING on ALL items. And that’s another thing: We hate extra charges and price surprises come time to check out. We are secure: Our payment system is a Shopify.com platform. Your credit card information is never disclosed to us – we just have enough information provided by you to ship our products direct to your doorstep. So, to recap: We have the lowest prices every day and it’s easy, risk-free, and reliable to shop iBriteStore.com. Give us a try!


Our Products

All of our products have been chosen for quality, price, value, durability, usability, usefulness – and where possible, the cool factor. We like great stuff! And cool stuff! But, lights especially. And we have found great stuff that will NOT be disappointing.       


Our first break out search led us to Bright-Strike and NightStick. Remember the bright and shiny stuff we told you we liked? Well, these companies’ lines of flashlights and lighting products are awesome. We have great quality lights from $2.00 to $500.00 serving every manner of use from Every Day around the home to personal safety outside the home, to camping and hunting. We have non-lethal safety products and cool pen lights like NightStick’s very affordable MT-100 or MT-200 lines or Bright-Strike’s stepped-up and impressively well-built EPLI. APALS have to be the single most diverse use lighting product we have ever experienced. We have gone camping, scuba diving, and yes, even trick or treating with APALS. For tactical lighting needs on your long gun, Bright Strike’s line of military grade and military “used” products are tough, durable, and classy. We challenge you to find better quality, more robust, wider-use, and better priced tactical lighting products anywhere. ….And this is just the beginning of the adventure in lighting we have in store for you.  


Our Branded Products

In future, we will be bringing more cool products and not just for lighting needs… but probably mainly for lighting needs- ha! The iBriteStore.com Solar and Crank Light, The Go-LiteTM, is rechargeable by the sun or by its intrinsically efficient hand crank – these lights will serve you well in times when electricity and batteries are nowhere to be found, whether you are ‘off the grid’ or just stuck on the side of the road at night… in the cold… and didn’t check the batteries in your flashlights recently… unless you use the Go-LiteTM in which case you are Good-To-Go! Other solar and crank powered lights, lanterns, radios, igniters, and rechargers are being tested.


The best knives we can find are all now being tested prior to being shown in our online showrooms. We are investigating multi-tools, cheap knives, highly-crafted knives, you name it!


And, we would want to hear from you about products you think we should carry – great stuff, cool stuff, quality stuff. We are also looking for great Made-In-America lighting products! Contact Us if you have any ideas you would like to share.


Our Story

So there it is. Our story is about great stuff. And cool stuff. And our search to find the best great stuff and cool stuff to bring to you!! Not stuff you will be disappointed in, but rather the kind of stuff you will show off – whether because you got a great deal or even better… because you really like it. So, really Our Store is Your Store. We hope you enjoy shopping with us!



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