What are APALS®?

APALS is an acronym for: All Purpose Adhesive Lights Strips


What are the APALS® uses?

APALS® were designed for Military operators searching for a low cost, ultra reliable, long lasting combat identifier.

APALS® are used in various ways, from hunters marking their prey, to runners and bicyclists using them for safety.

To this day we look forward to hearing new and innovative ways that consumers are using this unique product.


What are the APALS® battery life?

APALS battery life can last for 200+ hours of constant use.


Are APALS® waterproof?

APALS® are waterproof to depths down to 200 feet under water.

APALS® are designed to be completely submersible and dustproof, the hermetically sealed APALS® are intended for use in the worst possible conditions, from the searing heat of the desert to the frigid waters of the harshest seas.


Can APALS® be reused?

With the click of a finger, APALS® can be turned ON and OFF when needed. No battery life wasted when not in use.

Also, a new patent pending flexible crushproof protector (10 packs only) which prevent accidental activation, a common problem with chemical light sticks. Meant for easy storage and use, even fits in a BDU pocket.


What is the light source in APALS®?

An LED (Light Emitting Diode) is used in all APALS®.


Can you replace the battery in the APALS®? 

APALS® are inoperable after the 200+ hours of use. But, there are Solar Powered APALS® available for those who would rather have this option.


What modes do APALS® provide?

With the click of a finger the APALS® have 3 modes of use.

  • Fast Strobe
  • Low Strobe
  • Steady ON/Off


Can the APALS® stick to surfaces?

Yes they can. The APALS® are designed with a Heavy Duty 3M® Adhesive Back and Easy-Pull Tab.

The Heavy Duty 3M® Adhesive Back can stick to surfaces ranging from bark on a tree to your child’s bicycle.


Do the APALS® ever get hot or overheat?

You can leave the APALS® on for days on end without a worry of any overheating.


What are the APALS® size and weight?

Each individual unit weighs approximately 5 grams.

The dimensions of each individual unit is:

  • Length- 2 inches
  • Width- 1 inch
  • Depth- 1/8 inch