Go-Lite™ - A Must Have For 2017

Why we all need 'The Go-Lite™'

We all need a good flashlight here and there. But there's nothing worse, when it's dark... the lights are out....  and you finally find your handy flashlight!   THEN, the batteries are DEAD!

Never worry about that again with The Go-Lite™ Dynamo Solar Powered Emergency Flashlight.

Built in batteries, Solar and/or Hand Crank (Dynamo) Powered.  Never worry about batteries again!

Was $29.99 Now Only $13.95

The Go-Lite™ Dynamo & Solar Powered Emergency Flashlight is a must have for in the house, car, garage, emergency kit, and even great for the kids too!  

High, Low and Strobe settings.

Keep you and your family safe and out of the DARK!

The 8 lumens sounds like a little, but its really good for getting around the house at night or looking for things in the car. I'm a dropper so am thankful that the light is tough. Watched the videos and was convinced.

by Bob D.

Durability TEST 

Besides never worrying about batteries. This is no shabby flashlight. Check out the videos for yourself!

Click here for more videos ( Fire, Water & Freeze Test!)

Water resistant, durable & reliable. What else could you ask for!