Price Match Guarentee


Our Price Match Guarantee sells our products for the lowest combined prices and best terms anywhere!

What is our Policy?

If you find a lower advertised price anywhere in the last 30 days, for the shipping and quantity terms offered by us, we will match that price and give you $10 to spend on your next purchase. “But why?” you ask, “would we do such a thing?”. The answer is simple: We want every single customer to know they are getting the best prices on the best terms at We scour the internet to assure that we are offering the best products, prices, and most competitive terms.


Here is how you can do it.

  • Let us know what you want to order and the quantity.
  • Our payment system will send you a return email with an online order customized and inclusive of the Price Matched price along with your $10 Discount Code, good for 30 days.
  • Follow our normal safe and secure checkout system and your purchase will be delivered straight away – same as normal.


And one more thing! If you buy a product from us and find a better advertised price in the next 30 days, follow the same procedure above. We will credit your credit card through our safe and secure checkout system for the difference… and send you the same $10 Discount Code, good for 30 days.


Seriously, test us on this Guarantee

We really want you to test our prices! If any of this is not clear, or you have any question or concern of any kind please feel free to call us Toll FREE at 1-888-796-8886 or email us at 

We appreciate your business!